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Ballia Pincode / Post Office Search (BALLIA, Uttar Pradesh)

Agrauli B.O 277401BalliaUttar Pradesh
Akhar B.O 277401BalliaUttar Pradesh
Akhtiyarpur B.O 221713BalliaUttar Pradesh
Amaon B.O 277501BalliaUttar Pradesh
Amghat B.O 277203BalliaUttar Pradesh
Anjorpur B.O 277502BalliaUttar Pradesh
Baghuna B.O 277501BalliaUttar Pradesh
Baheri S.O (Ballia) 277001BalliaUttar Pradesh
Balesara B.O 277121BalliaUttar Pradesh
Ballia City S.O 277001BalliaUttar Pradesh
Ballia H.O 277001BalliaUttar Pradesh
Bansdih Road S.O 277203BalliaUttar Pradesh
Barhwalia B.O 221713BalliaUttar Pradesh
Basarik Pah B.O 277001BalliaUttar Pradesh
Belahari B.O 277403BalliaUttar Pradesh
Bharauli B.O 277501BalliaUttar Pradesh
Bharsar S.O 277401BalliaUttar Pradesh
Bhriguashram S.O 277001BalliaUttar Pradesh
Bisukia B.O 277503BalliaUttar Pradesh
Chaura B.O 277502BalliaUttar Pradesh
Cherueyan B.O 277503BalliaUttar Pradesh
Chhata S.O (Ballia) 277210BalliaUttar Pradesh
Chitbaragaon S.O 221713BalliaUttar Pradesh
Civillines S.O 277001BalliaUttar Pradesh
Daulatpur B.O 221713BalliaUttar Pradesh
Dawani B.O 277203BalliaUttar Pradesh
Deokali B.O 277001BalliaUttar Pradesh
Dighar B.O 277403BalliaUttar Pradesh
Dubhar B.O 277401BalliaUttar Pradesh
Dumari B.O 277203BalliaUttar Pradesh
Garwar S.O 277121BalliaUttar Pradesh
Haldi S.O (Ballia) 277402BalliaUttar Pradesh
Hanumanganj B.O 277001BalliaUttar Pradesh
Hariharpur B.O 277401BalliaUttar Pradesh
Janari B.O 277401BalliaUttar Pradesh
Janaupur B.O 277123BalliaUttar Pradesh
Jigini B.O 277121BalliaUttar Pradesh
Kanchanpur B.O 277403BalliaUttar Pradesh
Karnai B.O 277304BalliaUttar Pradesh
Karon B.O 221713BalliaUttar Pradesh
Katharia B.O 221713BalliaUttar Pradesh
Kharahatar B.O 277121BalliaUttar Pradesh
Khoripakar B.O 277001BalliaUttar Pradesh
Korantadih S.O 277501BalliaUttar Pradesh
Kotwa Narayenpur B.O 277501BalliaUttar Pradesh
Kummhaila B.O 277301BalliaUttar Pradesh
Kurejee B.O 277121BalliaUttar Pradesh
Majhauli B.O 277203BalliaUttar Pradesh
Majhua S.O 277403BalliaUttar Pradesh
Middha B.O 277506BalliaUttar Pradesh
Nagwa B.O 277401BalliaUttar Pradesh
Narhi S.O 277502BalliaUttar Pradesh
Nasirpurkalan B.O 221713BalliaUttar Pradesh
Pachkhora B.O 277123BalliaUttar Pradesh
Phehpana S.O 277503BalliaUttar Pradesh
Piprakal;a B.O 277504BalliaUttar Pradesh
Piyaraunta B.O 277403BalliaUttar Pradesh
Ramgarh B.O 277501BalliaUttar Pradesh
Rampur Chit B.O 277502BalliaUttar Pradesh
Ratsar S.O 277123BalliaUttar Pradesh
Repura B.O 277401BalliaUttar Pradesh
Sagarpali S.O 277506BalliaUttar Pradesh
Saharaspali B.O 277001BalliaUttar Pradesh
Salempur B.O 277203BalliaUttar Pradesh
Sanwaru Bandh B.O 277001BalliaUttar Pradesh
Saraya B.O 277121BalliaUttar Pradesh
Shahidpark S.O 277001BalliaUttar Pradesh
Shahpur B.O 277121BalliaUttar Pradesh
Sher B.O 277203BalliaUttar Pradesh
Shivpur Datiwar B.O 277301BalliaUttar Pradesh
Shivpur Dier B.O 277401BalliaUttar Pradesh
Singhpur B.O 277503BalliaUttar Pradesh
Sitakund B.O 277001BalliaUttar Pradesh
Sonwani B.O 277402BalliaUttar Pradesh
Surahi B.O 277504BalliaUttar Pradesh
Suryapura B.O 277301BalliaUttar Pradesh
T.D.College S.O 277001BalliaUttar Pradesh
Takarsand B.O 277001BalliaUttar Pradesh
Thamhanpura B.O 277506BalliaUttar Pradesh
Tikhampur B.O 277001BalliaUttar Pradesh
Tutuwari B.O 277501BalliaUttar Pradesh
Zeera Basti B.O 277001BalliaUttar Pradesh

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.